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50% less weight & volume, compact design, higher efficiency

The SARM engine is a new concept concentric internal combustion engine that constitutes a great evolutionary step forwards, offering all benefits of internal combustion engines, oil-free operation and minimal environmental footprint, making it the ideal technology that can bridge the gap between polluting internal combustion engines and electric engines. 


SARM offers greater performance, as its' operation is based on the Atkinson operating cycle: 40% vs spark ignition engines (gasoline engines) 35%It is a disk shaped engine that is significantly smaller and lighter compared to engines of similar power output: up to 50% smaller & lighterIts' unique design with fewer moving parts, lower material stressing and no lubrication requirements, results in less manufacturing and maintenance costs. Smaller environmental footprint, resulting from  constant fuel consumption (optimum operating range: 1,000 - 5,000 rpm) and lower (up to 80%) NOx emissions.

Applications and fuel - direct compatibility with all current and future applications; working with petrol, hydrogen, synfuels (or e-fuels)


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